Managing Online Meetings and Conferences with Web Conferencing board software


The COVID-19 pandemic has altered some aspects of how we conduct business. A record number of people are subscribing to and downloading web conferencing applications.

To assist you in choosing the best web conferencing software, we have examined and reviewed the competitors.

The Top of Web Conferencing Software

The best web conferencing board software for 2022 includes: Microsoft Teams for collaboration; GoToMeeting for large enterprises; ClickMeeting for webinars; and GoToMeeting for small businesses. The best for offices is RingCentral Office. The best online conferencing tools for education include Zoom, Zoho Meeting, CyberLink U Meeting, and Cisco Webex. The best tools for small teams are Zoho Meeting and CyberLink U Meeting. The best bargain is Google Meet. Audio conferencing with


GoToMeeting can manage all types of online meetings, conferences, and webinars. GoToMeeting might well be the software of your dreams, including fantastic features like voice commands, cloud recording, and commuter mode.


You can hold a successful webinar with ClickMeeting thanks to its automatic emails, attendance certificates, polls, and statistics, among other features. Look no farther if you want a wide variety of webinar features:surveys and polls, reports and analytics, plans and pricing that can be changed

Microsoft Teams

One of the best solutions for teams who need to collaborate on shared presentations, documents, and sheets is Microsoft Teams. For Microsoft Office 365 users seeking for something a little bit more unique for their web conferences, we heartily recommend. Greater visibility; personalized backgrounds; visitor access to Teams.

Office RingCentral

RingCentral is the product you need if you’re a business owner looking for audio and video web conferencing software. A business or toll-free number, phone rental choices, internet fax, and other essentials for enterprises are all included in the plans.


The most widely used online conferencing tool in education is Zoom. For good reason too; teachers can mute the students or divide them into groups, and students can join the conference from any device. Even a free plan is available. Talk about affordable!

Meeting on Zoho

Zoho is the coolest kid on the block; it’s inexpensive, packed with features, and simple to use. For as low as $8 per month, you can schedule meetings, add them to the calendar, set reminders, share your screen, and run the meeting.

One of the best online conferencing programs is without a doubt CyberLink U Meeting. Its user interface is the sexiest and most straightforward. Teams that utilize it will feel experienced, even if they have never used a virtual meeting program before.

Webex by Cisco

Because it provides a free option with the fewest restrictions, Cisco Webex earned a spot on our list of the top web conferencing applications for 2020. If you need a good solution but are on a tight budget, Cisco Webex is the right choice.