How to Prepare a Tender Offer Requiring a Specific Document Package?

Have you chosen a tender, issued a tender offer, but you are not sure? And, perhaps, your doubts are not unfounded. One mistake in the tender proposal can really cost you defeat.

A Preparation and Sending of a Tender Offer Documents

Organizations that meet the criteria specified in the notice and are interested in participating in the tender must prepare and send the following set of documents, depending on the type of tender:

  1. One-stage tenders (with pre-authorization/without pre-quartile authorization) – the electronic version of the prequalification application and the electronic version of the package with the tender proposal.
  2. Two-stage tenders – at the first stage, an electronic version of the pre-qualification application, at the second stage, an electronic version of the package with a tender proposal. Participants of the tender are invited to the second stage additionally (based on the results of the assessment).
  3. Closed tenders – an electronic version of the prequalification application (if requested), an electronic version of the package with a tender proposal. When holding closed tenders, participants are invited to participate in the tender by the Company.

The company has the right to refuse to hold a tender at any time without explaining the reasons, as well as to complete the tender without concluding an agreement on its results at any time, without incurring any liability to the tenderers or third parties to whom such action may cause losses (including reimbursing the participant for the costs incurred by him in connection with participation in the tender). In such cases, the data room fundrising notifies all participants by e-mail about the cancellation of the tender.

Make the Decision Easier with the Correct Virtual Data Room Services

When preparing a tender offer requiring a specific document package, it is necessary to assess the need for personnel in functional units, then assess the existing resources. After the analysis is done, you can already move on to drawing up more specific plans for employee engagement during the regular schedule and for contingency reserves. Further, it is planned to combine the systems of remuneration, which is often one of the problematic tasks. At the last stage in drawing up plans for the personnel reserve, it is necessary to resolve the issue of a single employee base, in what way it will be created. This is either the creation of a completely new base or the merging of the two into a single one. 

Securing a tender proposal – a guarantee provided by business representatives, that is, procurement participants, as a security for the fulfillment of obligations to the Customer. By providing security for the tender proposal, the Bidder guarantees to the Customer that he does not withdraw his tender proposal before the expiration of its validity period, he will sign the contract if he is recognized as the winner and will provide the documents specified for the winner.

When preparing a tender offer requiring a specific document package, companies aiming to achieve synergies place the main emphasis on integration on project management and performance measurement. The use of a structured approach to the analysis and planning of processes, as well as the creation of a project team that will carry out the work on the project, according to the developed charter and plan, increases the likelihood of achieving the planned results. Moreover, when companies have a detailed vision of the future organizational structure, product line or range of services provided, distribution channels, the integration process goes much more efficiently.